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About Me

I'm a soda drinking gamer, web desginer & front-end developer based in St.Louis, MO US creating websites for gaming groups and local business.

On the gaming side, I play a little of everything as well as a co-host of a gaming related video cast shows. The show is Ninja Munkey Gaming Show were we talk about everything gaming from some of our favorite old titles to mobile games. In development I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SASS. Below you will see what I believe to be my skill level in the said programing languages.

Whatever your needs and goals do get in touch and I can advise how I can help you take this forward. If you would like to discuss your project or would just like to say hello then do get in touch and drop me a message.

HTML Knowledge: 95%
CSS Knowledge: 85%
JavaScript Knowledge: 60%
SASS Knowledge: 70%